Friday, April 29, 2016

Update: April 29th


On behalf of the Advanced Opportunities Support Team, I wanted to send out this information as it addresses many Frequently Asked Questions that we are hearing this time of year. 

·         Advanced Opportunities Roadshow: The SDE will be hosting a Roadshow around the state to train districts about the new legislation. Please the attached flyer to register for the FREE event.
·         Advanced Opportunities Conference:  Conference registration is now open. Please visit the conference website for more information.

Spring Submissions
·         Courses: As of today, 87% of the state has successfully matched their data with course providers. Please submit courses as soon as a verification match has been attained. Attached you will find a submission guide to walk you through the process of submitting.
·         Exams: Exams are submitted separately from courses. Many districts are choosing to submit exams after AP exam dates have passed, to account for any changes. This is certainly appropriate, please make sure to submit this information just as quickly as you are able.
·         AP Exams: All AP exams that were entered into the portal as $20.00 or $21.00 dollars have been updated to reflect at $15.00 reimbursement for low-income students.  If you have students that qualify for the reduced fee and were entered for a different cost, please make corrections for their reimbursement to reflect the correct amount.

Summer Courses
·         Portal Entries: Summer courses should NOT be entered into the portal until after July 1st. Our systems will change to reflect the new allocation per student on July 1st.
·         Deadline Extension: Due to summer vacation, the switch in systems, and the need for accurate data, the deadline for submitting summer data has been extended to September 2nd.  This will allows school personnel to enter summer courses when they return from summer break.
·         Early Summer Courses: If your district offers summer courses that end BEFORE July 1st. Please contact me right away for special instructions.  The switch in systems will require separate action for those courses.

County Deadlines
·         House Bill 527: New Legislation has clarified deadlines for students that for Certificates of Residency.  The legislation can be viewed here.
·         Deadlines:  The new deadlines for future school years to turn in Certificates of Residency are as follows: Fall- December 1st and Spring- May 1st.

As always, please feel free to reach out to our team.  We genuinely appreciate your hard work at the school level, particularly during this time of year when things are extremely busy.

Tina Polishchuk

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