Monday, October 31, 2016

Update: October 13th, 2016

Now that the September 30th deadline is passed, I want to give folks an update on things related to Fast Forward funding.

Communicate with Course Providers:
Between now and November 10th, course providers will be verifying data in the Advanced Opportunities Portal. If there are any errors, duplicates, or mismatched data, we ask that you communicate with the course provider. Here is a contact list for dual credit providers, and overload course providers. Each course provider may have different enrollment procedures and policies internally, please make an effort to keep open lines of communication with their offices to understand exactly what is expected from students as they enroll in courses.

Edit/Delete Courses:
To edit or delete courses select the Reports tab and select Courses Awaiting SDE Submission. Use the filters to find the course and click on the Course Name. Only a few of the fields are editable. If you need to make a correction to a field that is not editable, please deny the course and re-enter it correctly.

Add/Re-enter Course Requests:
To add or re-enter course requests, select Request Funding tab at the top of the screen.  Students are no longer able to enter any funding requests until next semester, therefore, any additions must be made by school personnel. Also, if you are adding any late courses, please reach out to the course provider. Any late additions may cause disruptions in their invoicing/verification processes. It is critical that you communicate with their offices on this effort.

Future Deadlines: Attached, you will find a graphic describing the process for data in the portal. It is correlated with the following deadlines.

As you advise students, many folks ask what courses students should be taking. The SDE recommends that students be encouraged to follow the GEM framework. I’ve attached a template for the GEM framework. To find out more about which specific courses fit into the GEM framework, please visit and select “GenEd Courses” at the bottom of the page. Additionally, many schools are making concerted efforts to ensure have the entire framework available on site at the high school.

As always, thank you for your efforts in making this program accessible to our students. Please feel free to contact the me, your regional coordinator, or your GEARUP coordinator with any questions.


Tina Polishchuk

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