Friday, November 11, 2016

Update: November 10th, 2016

Greetings to all District Users:

The submission deadline for Fast Forward funding is upon us. I’d like to start by applauding you for all the efforts made in getting your students through the registration and application processes. The Advanced Ops team acknowledges that this was not an easy task. As we enter year three of Fast Forward, it is encouraging to see the tremendous growth and smoother implementation in the program.

Portal Updates:

Submission Deadlines: Please make sure to submit courses to the SDE by the end of the day on Friday (November 11th).  Our team will begin processing this data in hopes to have it paid out by the middle of December.

Portal Update Release: On Monday, November 14th, we will be launching an update to the portal system. If there are any areas of concern that come up, please feel free to bring them to our attention. With the update, you will find a hand full of features that are based on feedback that we received from you and you colleagues. You will be able to flag student accounts, filter report views for new accounts, and more. Perhaps, the most important addition coming with the update is the “Early Graduation Scholarship” Application.  This is a component of Advanced Ops that has not previously been a part of the portal.  Shortly after the release, we will deliver guidance around this access to ensure that students are able to get these funds. Please stand by for further information.

Other Updates:

Prevention Conference RFP: Many of you have attended or have heard of the prevention conference that our divisions hold in Sun Valley each year. If you, or someone you know is interested in presenting at this event, please submit the Request for Proposal.

Surveys: We are currently working with the State Board of Education to better serve schools in regard to the Middle School Credit System and High School Math Requirements. We’d like to get your feedback on these elements. If these areas impact your work, please take a moment to fill out these surveys to better inform our decision making.
·         Middle School Credit Survey

College and Career Readiness Training: The State Board of Education and State Department of Education are collaborating on a College and Career Advising Road Show coming up in just one month. The events will take place on the following dates, and will include topics on Advanced Opportunities, Advising Models, Career Information Systems, and more. Visit this link to Register.
·         December 5th—North Idaho College
·         December 6th—Lewis–Clark State College
·         December 7th—Boise State University
·         December 12th—College of Southern Idaho
·         December 13th—Idaho State University
·         December 14th—Eastern Idaho Technical College

Thank you again for all of your hard work. Please let us know if there is anything our team can do to support your local efforts.


Tina Polishchuk

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