Thursday, April 5, 2018

AO Technical Roadshow

Greetings to all!

The Advanced Opportunities Support Team along with other colleagues from the SDE will be hosting an Advanced Opportunities Technical Roadshow in May of 2018.  This event will go over all technical changes and updates related to the following topics:
·         High School Graduation Requirements
·         Advanced Opportunities
·         Advanced Placement
·         College Advisors and Career Mentors
·         College Entrance Exams
·         STEM diploma
·         High School Credit for Middle School Students
·         Four Year Learning Plans
·         Dual Credit Transcription
·         College Course Transferability

At the event, guidance will be provided related to statutes and rule updates that will take effect for the 2018-2019 school year. This event is recommended for district administrators, secondary principals, secondary counselors, college advisors, career mentors, high school career advisors, registrars, and college personnel who work with high school students on a regular basis. One event will be hosted in each region of the state from 8:30am to 12:00pm on each of the following dates:
·         May 1st- Twin Falls
·         May 2nd- Idaho Falls
·         May 3rd- Pocatello
·         May 21st- Lewiston
·         May 22nd- Coeur d’Alene
·         May 30th- Boise

Please click here to RSVP. For any questions, feel free to contact me or others on our team.

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